Cleaning Products - cleaning products

Do you have a multitude of cleaning products, at least one for every occasion, stored in your cupboards?

Do you really need them all?

Are you fully aware of the possibly harmful chemicals some of them may contain?

Take a look a close look at the labels. A few years ago I read the label on the windscreen wiper additive I had been buying for my car: the only active ingredient was 2% ammonia – the other 98% was presumably water!

So, instead of continuing to pay around $10 / litre I purchased a generic bottle of ammonia for about $3. Since then I have been refilling the original bottle with 2% ammonia from my supply + 98% water.

On the Frugal Mama website is an inspirational article by Amy who uses only distilled white vinegar and pure baking soda for all her household cleaning.

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