Climate Links

climate links

Arctic News

  • The Arctic-News Blog describes the situation in the Arctic, highlighting the threat of albedo changes and large emissions of greenhouse gases due to decline of snow and ice and abrupt methane eruptions from the Arctic Ocean seafloor. Contributors to the blog all share a deep concern about the way climate change is unfolding in the Arctic and the threat that this poses for the world at large.

Arctic Sea Ice Blog

  • Comments on Arctic sea ice news and data.

Climate Action Tracker

  • The Climate Action Tracker is an independent science-based assessment, which tracks the emission commitments and actions of countries. The website provides an up-to-date assessment of individual national pledges, targets and INDCs and currently implemented policy to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Central

  • Climate Central is an independent organization of leading scientists and journalists researching and reporting the facts about our changing climate and its impact on the public.

Climate Code Red

  • This site includes a weekly summary of climate stories in the media and updates of recent news on science, energy, communications, strategy and campaigns.

Climate Home News

  • Climate Home News has a network of world-class correspondents and reporters based in Brussels, the Amazon, Australia, Beijing, Nairobi and India.

Climate News Network

  • Climate News Network is a free and objective service publishing daily news stories on climate and energy issues.

Climate Outcome

  • Humans have put a massive pulse of CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels. Raising the temperature and bringing about changes to the weather and the environment all round the World. Climate Outcome reports on the changes that are already apparent and looks at forecasts for the future and the outcome that will affect our lives.

climate outcome

Climate Reanalyzer

  • Climate Reanalyzer is a platform for visualizing climate and weather datasets. Here, you can access climate information using interfaces for reanalysis and historical station data. Maps, timeseries, and correlation analyses can be plotted for gridded models. Station data and model timeseries can be exported in CSV format for use in spreadsheet software.

Climate Signals

  • Explore how climate change affects your world by searching events, impacts, and related climate signals.

Climate Time Machine

  • A series of visualizations shows how some of Earth’s key climate indicators are changing over time.

Dark Snow

  • “We believe gathering measurements from the surface of Greenland ice is fundamental to advancing our understanding of the melting Arctic. We inform the global public what’s happening in this remote but important place.”


  • EcoInternet provides people, families, and businesses the tools, services, and information for green living necessary to survive and prosper during the coming great transition while coming together for global ecological sustainability.


  • FutureTimeline presents a speculative timeline of future history. Part fact and part fiction, the timeline is based on detailed research – including analysis of current trends, long-term environmental impacts, advances in technology such as Moore’s Law, future medicine, geopolitical changes and much more.

future timeline

Global Weather Cycles

  • Predictions extending out 4 years and beyond.

Hot Topic

  • Global warming and the future of New Zealand.

hot topic

Kevin Hester Live

  • Kevin Hester, based in New Zealand, firmly believes that we as a species are doomed to near term human extinction  due to the crack-like addiction we have to carbon.  His intention is to spend what time he has left warning whoever he can – especially young people – of what is bearing down on us like a runaway freight train.

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

  • The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships, they support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.

Methane Hydrates

  • Joint New Zealand – German 3D survey reveals massive seabed gas hydrate and methane system. NB: Unfortunately, this site does not seem to have been updated since May 2014.

Nature Bats Last

  • Our days are numbered. Passionately pursue a life of excellence. Professor Guy McPherson is Professor Emeritus of Natural Resources and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, School of Natural Resources and the Environment, University of Arizona.

Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist

  • Abrupt Climate Change from Arctic to Antarctic: Facts, Opinions, and Analysis. Paul Beckwith is Professor of Climatology, Laboratory for Paleoclimatology and Climatology at the University of Ottawa.

Radio EcoShock

  • Latest science, authors, issues – from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace. Ready for re-broadcast, computer, iPod, or mp3 player. As heard on over 90 radio stations.


  • Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice.

Sea Level Rise Maps – New Zealand

  • A series of maps depicting New Zealand in various sea-level rise scenarios.


  • Watching the world evolve and transform.