Business Startup

The ideal home office
As more people turn to freelance work and self-employment, the home office is fast becoming the new norm. Working from home welcomes the luxury of freedom that’s hard to find in a conventional office setting. However, the comfort of your own home may also act as a distraction, so it’s […]

Tips for Setting up a Home Office

Downloadable business guides
Please note that some information in these guides may be relevant only to particular regions. We strongly suggest, therefore, that you check with local authorities in your area regarding all legal regulations and obligations. Several of these guides feature similar information. Some may also contain some promotional ‘hype’ for a […]

Downloadable Business Guides

Business Accounting
Business bookkeeping and accounting can be much cheaper if you do it yourself. But, you must take considerable care to be accurate and aware of local laws and regulations. Attend an accounting evening class if possible – or at least invest in a couple of good, up-to-date books relevant to […]

Business Accounting D.I.Y.