Fruit and veges in season
Nowadays, due to rapid global transportation and advanced preservation techniques, it is possible to buy almost any fruit or vegetable at any time of the year. Downsides of Buying out of Season: Chemical preservation methods, with possible adverse health concerns, may have been used to prolong shelf life. Gassing may […]

Buying Fruit & Veges in Season

And, if you have room, fruit. Gardening is a healthy exercise. While it may not always work out cheaper financially to grow your own, you will know for certain how the produce has been grown (e.g. spray free or fully organic). Save and plant your own seeds where possible (cheaper […]

Growing your Own Veges

Bulk Buying
Provided the item you are buying can be used before – or soon after –  the expiry date, it is often much cheaper to buy food and other items in bulk. Do, however, check the prices carefully as occasionally we have found that it can more expensive to buy a […]

Bulk Buying