Extreme Weather

Climate vs Weather Weather is the temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness and wind that we experience in the atmosphere at a given time in a specific location. Climate is the average weather in a region over a long time period (30 – 50 years). Climate change is a systematic change in […]

Climate Change 101

2015 is officially the hottest year on record according to NASA, news which the executive director of Greenpeace NZ calls “disturbing” for an island nation like New Zealand. In the last couple of hours, climate experts from the space agency made the announcement about what they call “record-shattering” global temperatures […]

“Record Shattering” NASA Announcement indicates New Zealand faces Extreme Weather ...

extreme weather
This program, produced by Australian Broadcasting TV, provides in depth analysis of the cutting-edge climate science that begins to reveal how human-caused climate change is causing increasingly dangerous weather. The program explores past extreme events like the European and Russian heatwaves that together resulted in nearly 100,000 deaths, the devastating […]

Extreme Weather