Teenage suicide in New Zealand
The latest [New Zealand] suicide figures are the highest since coroner’s records began [only] nine years ago. Mental Health Foundation (MHF) chief executive Shaun Robinson said the latest suicide figures are shocking and a sobering reflection on the failure of New Zealand to come together to prevent suicide in a […]

NZ Teenage Suicide Rate now Highest in OECD

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Please note that some information in these guides may be relevant only to particular regions. We strongly suggest, therefore, that you check with local authorities in your area regarding all legal regulations and obligations. Several of these guides feature similar information. Some may also contain some promotional ‘hype’ for a […]

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Woman celebrating pain relief
Here Dr. John Bergman explains how pain is an important sign of a larger problem that must be corrected rather than covered up with pain medications. So the first solution for pain will be finding the source of the problem, then you can utilize natural pain relievers to help your […]

Natural Solutions for Pain Relief