Reducing Paper Waste

Remember the predictions a few years ago about the coming ‘paperless office’? With increasing bureaucracy etc., I wonder if nowadays there’s not in fact more paper used in the typical office than ever before?

Saving Digital Copies

  • Pros – might include saving trees, saving space, the fact that making extra copies costs nothing & that digital copies can be easily attached to emails and uploaded to online storage.
  • Cons – the number one objection I’m aware of is lack of permanence, that a digital copy may become corrupted and unreadable (answer: save several copies on different drives &, if possible, in a universally readable format such as PDF). Digital copies are not so easily signed (but, check this out for ways to add a signature in Adobe Reader), and may not be acceptable for some legal purposes.


  • As well as the obvious, they have many additional uses such as preventing weeds in your garden, lining the budgie’s cage, cleaning windows etc.
  • But as most news, and many newspapers, are available online, not subscribing to a daily paper may be another way of saving some trees – and saving you money.

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