After New Zealand

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After New Zealand – A Climate Change Update

“I’m Paul Smith, a Fellow of the IET and a, one time, promoter of the real science behind Climate Change.

I last did my last talk of a series over five years ago in New Zealand and much has happened since then so I thought that now, after the shindig of world leaders in Paris, might be a good time to do a video update.

When I last did my talks on Climate Change the IPCC had produced only two reports and a third was imminent.

I cheekily summarised the three voluminous reports chronologically as it might be happening followed by it probably is happening and man is likely to blame and it is happening and it is too late to do anything about it.

I would say now, in the same vane that we’ve realised that it is happening and we’re scrambling to do something about it but we are going to have to adapt instead because it really is too late.

Much of what I said in my talks has started to happen and there’s one thing that nobody can argue with – carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have risen from a pre-industrial level of around 260 parts per million to about 400 now. In pre-history the earth hasn’t experienced more than 300 parts per million for over 400,000 years. Now, that’s worth thinking about.”

26 April 2016

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